History of Cabin 404

The Cabin 404 Company was founded in November, 2016 by Curry Haertzen, originally known as Baby Shark. The original idea and concept was formed in 2009 by Curry and two other high school classmates, Austin Williams and Ryan Silver. The three friends made videos on their mini handheld cameras just to make each other laugh. After high school, the group dispersed as Curry went to Morehead State University and Ryan and Austin moved on to other interests.

Curry graduated in June, 2016 with a degree in Convergent Communications and considered job opportunities in the video production, website development, and video gaming industries. He concluded that starting his own business would enable him to combine his passion for video games, the internet, writing, and video production and the love of working closely with his friends. He’d had a lot of fun with Baby Shark in high school and decided to turn it into a real business.

Cabin 404 lives on today in full force as they produce content to make each other laugh and hopefully make the world laugh as well.

The Name

The Cabin 404 name was conceived in 2016 during a yearly event Curry helps host named Smash Camp. In that iteration of Smash Camp one of the teams decided to name themselves Cabin 404, Curry liked it so much he later in 2019 decided that that would be the name the company originally named Baby Shark would live on with.

What Is Cabin 404

Cabin 404 is a startup company which provides an interactive online community enabling people to connect through its social media and website platforms to come together as a community, offering forums, blogs and groups.

The Company also provides entertainment content in the form of videos, podcasts, blogs, and really anything else we can think of honestly.