Apex Season 1 battle pass is coming tomorrow!


Revealed today on the EA website, the Apex Legends battle pass will be coming out tomorrow! It was announced a while back that Apex Legends would eventually be starting seasons, similar to how Fortnite does it, in the near future. Turns out that that day is coming TOMORROW. At 10:00 Pacific time, the pass will be released and the hype is real.

With the purchase of the pass you will instantly receive three skins, the Lifeline Revolutionary skin, the Mirage Outlaw skin, and the Wraith Survivor skin. With the pass you will be able to earn a wide variety of awards including weapon skins, stat trackers, profile badges, character voice lines and Apex Packs. There appears to only be one skin in the pass though. Fear not for those of you who do not want to buy the pass though, you will be able to earn a few rewards for free. Without the purchase of the battle pass you will still be able to unlock 5 Apex Packs, 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers, and the Wild Frontier Legend skin. However with the battle pass bought you will be given 100 rewards, one for each level you achieve. If you buy the battle pass late in the season, or really just any time after you level up for the first time, you will receive all rewards from your previous levels instantly on purchase. If you were afraid you couldn’t play Apex so you didn’t level and miss out on rewards, fret not my friend!

A few details to know is that whatever rank you achieve at the end of season 1, that is the level you keep. Once season 1 has finished, you will not be able to level up your season 1 ranking and any reward tiers you didn’t make it to will in fact be locked away from you. However you do keep everything you earned even after the season is over so that’s cool. The pass will be on sale in the Apex Store for 950 Apex Coins for just the pass, or 2800 coins for the pass and 25 instant levels. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.