Baptiste, the new Overwatch hero


Overwatch has released their newest hero on the PTR named Baptiste. Baptiste is a new support hero that is sort of like Ana in that he can d a lot of things but with a high skill cap first of all we’ll run down his gun and abilities.

  • His gun, the Biotic Launcher, is a three-round-burst gun on its primary fire that deals damage, while his alt fire is similar to a Junkrat grenade that deals are of effect healing, similar to around Ana’s biotic grenade radius without the heal amplification tied to it.
  • Regenerative Burst is his shift button ability that heals himself and hi teammates around him for a large heal boost over time in what is basically in a Lucio aura.
  • Immortality Field is his e ability and it works bu placing a cylinder around the area you set it at that makes any allies within it to be invulnerable for a short duration, though this field CAN be destroyed by the enemy team.
  • Amplification Matrix is his ultimate ability and it is a “shield” kind of wall like thing that any damage shot through it by your team has its damage amplified. Secondhand information that the damage and HEAL amplification of his ult is DOUBLE. The game described it as projectile so I’m unsure if this includes things like melee, Rein hammer, or Brigitte mace.
  • Exo Boots are his passive that after first crouching, he can jump significantly higher than normal. Think of it like an Ashe knockback if you point it straight down and jump with her.

So the question then is how will Baptiste will fit in the game and the meta? From my experience and I think the Overwatch community in general has had the experience of is that it is a bit too early to tell. He has some really unique abilities, ESPECIALLY the immortality shield. The immortality field could be used in so many creative ways, like blocking the killing blows of a bomb. However this still leaves his team vulnerable afterward since they would all survive, but they’d be incredibly low health since this isn’t a complete damage mitigation but blocks just enough that you survive the damage of really any ability or shot until the ability is broken or times out, at around 40 health.

His abilities DO have an extremely long cooldown though, including a 15 second on his aura heal cooldown. His healing grenades do 70 healing on their splash each and his aura heals 150 damage over 6ish seconds. I don’t think he’ll be played as a primary support in the spot that say Ana, Moira or Zen would play in Goats right now. With all of the PTR changes out now, hopefully something will kill Goats cause I’m pretty sure no one wants to see Stage 2 of OWL also be dominated by Goats. I guess time will only tell, but Baptiste is still incredibly fun. He’s out on the PTR now if you’d like to give him a try.