Frequently Asked Questions & Help

Creating an Account

To become a member of Baby Shark, please click HERE or go to Community > My Account > Register and fill out the registration form. Then check your email for the activation link.

I didn't get my registration email!

Please check the spam folder in your email, if the registration email is in there change your email setting to allow emails from

If you still didn’t receive a registration email, please contact us and give us your username and email that you used to sign up for a new account.

How do I login?

After creating and activating your new account, there are several places you can login:

  1. “Account” link with person icon in top right of the screen
  2. Main menu under Community > My Account > Log In
  3. On the home page just above the footer to the right

Account Settings

In the main menu under Community > MY Account > Settings you will find activities related to your account. From here you can manage friends and groups, view and create events (if you have permission) and edit your profile.