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    So some of the more popular games aside from battle royale games tend to be card games like Yu-Gi-Oh games, Pokemon, or Hearthstone. How do you guys feel about card games?

    Personally I’m not too big a fan of them as I don’t really like playing those kinds of games with cards but I kind of like Hearthstone since it has to do with WoW and I really like WoW,

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    Never really been into Hearthstone, but I did play Yu-Gi-Oh growing up (real life version not any of the video games) and collected older Pokemon cards, although I didn’t play against people for the latter. I have, like, four Yu-Gi-Oh decks that collectively probably costed me a little over $90 but it was so fun at the time to play against friends. Never really got into the video game version. As for Pokemon, I loved the games growing up but, again, never got into the card version as much. Not sure if this properly answered or not, but hey that’s my reply lol.

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    I’ve become enthralled by Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links as of late and I just love it even though its using the speed duel format. I never really got into the Pokemon tgc and Hearthstone much like Yu-Gi-Oh also grabs my attention from time to time.

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    Jist got me into the Yu-Gi-Oh game and I’ve been enjoying it but mostly I play Hearthstone when I want my card game fix. Personally I really enjoy them but a component that I’ll actually be writing a blog about soon is the rng factor and how it can effect games like Hearthstone and others.

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