Overwatch Role Queue – Why It Matters

Overwatch Role Queue – Why It Matters


We’ve all been there before. “I’ll fill,” these are words of doom in Overwatch. You want to be a good team player but here come the instant locks. The next actions that follow these words are four insta-locks of Genji, Tracer, Mei and Torb. “Hooray,” you say to yourself as you’re left with two options: solo support or solo tank. While you are pondering this decision though, the final pick comes in as Zenyatta. “What do I do now?” you ask yourself. Now you can play a second support with no tank, a 5th dps, or a solo tank with a Zenyatta as your only healer. Nobody likes being in this position, but unfortunately along with all of the cc that made me quit Overwatch, this was also happening on a regular basis that was frustrating me and contributed to me quitting. In the near future though, role queue is coming! This is such a huge move from Blizzard and today I want to talk about it.

This move has me incredibly excited to play Overwatch again and over the past week or so I’ve played the game more and more in anticipation and I’ve honestly had a great time playing again. I think an extended break was something I really needed (I had stopped playing months before that article). Since I started playing again I’ve actually had quite a bit of fun. The cc is still frustrating yes, but after a bit to de-tilt from the game I’m not finding it as huge of an issue even if it does piss me off. I never stopped enjoying the off tank heroes, (D.Va, Zarya, Hog), what I fell out of love with was the game as an overall basis. With role queue coming to the game though, I have a lot of hope for the future of Overwatch.

Up until the developer update posted recently saying that role queue was coming, Blizzard had been very anti-role queue it seemed, but I guess they changed their mind at some point down the road. I know every single streamer and friend that played comp at all was complaining about how bad the system is right now, but it being changed to follow a 2-2-2 system is an incredibly healthy change for the game in my opinion. On top of the current playerbase being happy, I have a large feeling that a huge portion of the community that had stopped playing will come back to the game with this change. For instance, Blaer started playing again and started playing main tank! We’ve queue’d together a lot since loading the game back up in preparation for role queue and I have to say it is so liberating having a tank partner I can trust and always have with me. Instead of forcing one of us onto dps or support, we can always make sure that our tank duo is together and it has been really great synergy wise and I’m sure there are lots of other groups similar. I’ve talked to lots of people and everyone seems just as excited.

As briefly mentioned above, the best part of role queue in my opinion is that you will always get the role that you want, no matter what unless you queue for more than one role at once. I really appreciate this since I am primarily an off tank player at this point and it is by far my most comfortable role so being able to always have that tank role available to me when I queue is so relieving that I won’t have to fill as my awful dps or my mediocre support. Similarly, everyone else who is like me that really only wants to play just their one role get that same benefit.

The biggest criticism I keep hearing from people is how it limits composition creativity. I do see some of what people are talking about but I disagree. There are three great tank duos in the game (Winston/D.va, Zarya/Reinhardt, Roadhog/Orisa), and with this change I can see all three of them getting used along with a large majority of the dps cast. All three of those tank duos have their strong points in which I think they will really shine. For example the Reinhardt combo excels on King’s Row, the Orisa combo shines on Paris defense, and the Winston combo really shines on maps like Gibraltar. It also is very healthy for OWL I think. People are sick of watching Goats and it is very clear for how much the viewership numbers of OWL have gone down. Now that there’s a 2-2-2 lock and not just a moba in first person, I suspect the viewership to climb back up.

I’m incredibly excited for the future of Overwatch, how do you feel about role queue?