Pokemon Direct Round Up


As huge Nintendo and Pokemon fans in specific, Baby Shark was eagerly awaiting what Nintendo had to announce today at their Pokemon Nintendo Direct. While not what we necessarily expected, here’s a round up of everything you can expect to see from Pokemon in the near future as announced in the Direct.

Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch: Pokken Tournment will be getting a redone version released on the Switch with many new features. This time around, the game will feature local multiplayer both through wireless and same screen joy cons, 3v3 team battles, online ranked play, and friend-only matches. Five new Pokemon will be featured in the game – Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye. Pokken Tournament DX will be added as part of Nintendo’s E3 line-up to show this year. The game will be released on September 22, 2017.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: On November 17th of this year, updated versions of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on the Nintendo 3DS, called Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. The games will feature an alternative story from their original counterparts and you will encounter new Pokemon that were never before seen in the first iterations of the game! The updated versions of the game will also have updated versions of the generations primary legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala, which seem to be mixed with a third legendary in the game, called Necrozma. The new iterations of Gen VII look very promising!

Pokemon Gold and Silver for the 3DS virtual console: On the same day that Pokken Tournament DX will arrive to us on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver will arrive to us on the 3DS’ virtual console! The second generation of Pokemon will be coming to us again with a few of the modern day Pokemon features, so no more link cables everybody, damn! To be clear, we are talking about actual Pokemon Gold and Silver, NOT HeartGold and SoulSilver. One of the updates to the game to make it more “modern” will be having access to the Pokemon Bank (so your Pokemon can be transferred to later games). It will also be compatible with all the 3DS’ basic wireless communication features for things like trades and battles over wifi. Finally, you be able to use a “Time Capsule” feature which will allow you to trade backwards from Gold and Silver into the Virtual Console versions of Red Blue, and Yellow.

There’s a lot to digest from the Pokemon Direct today but it seems to be a bright future ahead for the coming year of Pokemon. While slightly disappointing that we got no main series game for the Switch, I’m really happy with what we did get and can’t wait for these releases!

  • Jesus#1


    “updated”? new patch or separate games?

    • Curry#2


      They are separate games. Similar to a Black and White 2 kind of thing but this is an “alternate” story and not a sequel. Different Pokemon encountered too apparently that weren’t in Sun and Moon, they didn’t specify but my pure speculation would be something like more Alolan forms which I’d be cool with.