Smash Camp

Smash Camp


You may be wondering “Curry you’ve been gone for a while! What happened?” well let me tell you! This past week was Smash Camp and this week I’m currently on vacation. In other words, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff not directly related to Baby Shark the past couple of weeks. Nobody cares about my vacation though, so instead I’m going to talk about Smash Camp. What it is, how it works, and why I absolutely love it.

Since many of you have probably never heard of Smash Camp, nor have you any idea at all about what it is, I’ll start from there with a basic explanation of the event. My friends and I host this event and the basic premise is that it is designed around a kind of “summer camp” vibe as it is always held in summer, usually in the late June-mid July time-frame. We hold this event on a forum of some kind, in the past it used to be on its own website, however nowadays we  hold it on the Marriland forums. All participants who sign up are sorted into four teams, which we call “cabins,” and they compete for five days in various competitions based around art, flash games, video games, writing and more to earn points for their cabin. At the end of the week the cabin with the most points wins and their cabins name is added to the trophy. In reality it is all for a bit of fun, but our community we’ve built over the years have become very loyal and really get into it. People look forward to it all year long and to have something I help run be so eagerly anticipated makes me so, so happy.

Of course this isn’t a one man show, in fact I’d say my other friends do a lot more work than me. In reality I post the day posts, count points, answer questions and offer suggestions in the staff room. However the real work of designing most events, organization, creating all of the tools that will make the event a success and prevent me from being an idiot, and so much more come from the other staff members. Without their help and leadership this event would not be what it is today nor would it probably exist. So if you happen to be reading this Regine, thank you for being such an important part of the continuation of this incredible event. Regine is the reason Smash Camp lives on to this day even after it was ready to collapse and fade away.

This year was awesome though. For the entire camp the race for first was close. Even going into Day Five, the final day of camp, every single cabin had a winning position they could take. Some more likely than others, but there was a very realistic chance the fourth place cabin could overtake first place. At the end of camp there was really only a 1000 point difference between first and fourth and while that may sound like a lot to anyone who’s never participated in Smash Camp, it really isn’t very much at all. All of the cabins this year were solid and every counselor did a great job as well. In fact this might be the only year that I’ve helped run this that there wasn’t a single bad counselor. A counselor is basically a team captain that the leaders choose to represent each cabin and they make the cabins final decisions on things like name and flag.

Smash Camp really is the highlight of my summer, as it is for many other people. It may be a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights, but seeing something I help run bring so much excitement and happiness people makes me dream that one day this website will do the same thing.