Some changes coming soon

Some changes coming soon


So you may be wondering why I haven’t been too active on the site lately. Well the truth is, this site will be moving soon. Over the past couple of months I’ve been talking to many different people and I’ve, along with some others closely helping me, decided to make some changes to this site.

First of all, and arguably most important, we will be changing the name of our company. This will mean a new logo as well, as well as a new domain. Do not worry, if you visit this site regularly then there will be no worries as this domain will redirect to the new website. We feel that the name Baby shark doesn’t fit us and while our new name may not be some generic “x gaming” or whatever, we don’t want to be associated with the term Baby Shark any longer, especially considering the rise in popularity of the song. We feel that having a song like that share a name with us hurts not only our seo but doesn’t match our content even remotely close. Again our new name may not either, but it will be something a bit more creative and not share a name with a children’s song.

We will also be finding a company name we can use that we can secure the .com domain address of. Which in todays world we’ve learned is quite difficult. Let’s be honest, people just take .com addresses more serious than .net ones, and that includes myself when not on Baby Shark. So finding a name that we can secure the .com domain of is pretty important to us as we feel that the site may be taken more seriously, as well as making it easier to find as no one typically just types in .net when going to random sites, at least for me I always use .com so we want to be able to secure that ourselves.

We’ll be making a few changes to content. We’ll be trying to have more guests in on our podcasts. While the core of the podcast will still be myself, Austin and Wilson, we want to start bringing in extra guests to have fun and chat with during our podcasts. We have a few people in mind but we’re always going to be looking for extra people to have on so if you’re interested then please feel free to contact me about joining us for one, we’d love to have you. We will also be extending our reach out of gaming to cover more forms of media. We will still be doing game content, and most likely it will still be a majority of the content that we produce, but a goal of mine is to always put content out every single day of the year and I’ve learned that when I limit myself to only gaming that I honestly just run out of ideas so there are multiple days that no content is produced on that day but I do have ideas I could cover in the tv show, music, movies, etc. business as well as content I can create based on internet culture in general. As such, when we launch the new site, I will be talking about more than just gaming on it. I hope you guys are excited to see more variety in our content as I am.

So what is our new name you ask? Well that’s the thing, we haven’t decided yet. As I said previously, finding an unused .com name in todays world is quite difficult but we’re talking daily about what we’d like to use. A company name is quite permanent, so we want it to be good so we don’t want to make a hasty decision and rather instead would like to take the time to really think this through. We’ll be working on the new company name, logo, and legal stuff in the next few days/weeks and when Baby Shark is ready to blossom under a new name, I hope you’re prepared because we will be hitting the ground running. Thank you guys for your support as we close the first chapter of our journey and begin the next where we will hit the ground running at the speed of sound, just like a certain blue hedgehog.